Believe What You Like.

Like What You Believe.

You Are Your Living Creation.

(If You Don't Like What You Believe,
Stop Repeating That Thought!
You Have the Freedom to Believe Anything!)

Your Beliefs Become Your Life!

What About Consciousness?

Choose Feeling Better!



A Link to a Short Video Treat on the Website
The Most Profound Question

A Link to a Longer (24 mins) 'Companion' Video (in my opinion) from Abraham
The Missing Piece


Inspired by the teachings of:
Abraham, Ask and It Is Given,
by Esther and Jerry Hicks,;
Conversations with God
, by Neale Donald Walsch;
The Science of Mind, by Ernest Holmes;
Rev. Marlene Morris and Rev. Ann Rea of the
SpiritWorks Center For Spiritual Living,
I am Don Digirolamo, and these are my thoughts.


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